Writing Services and Mentoring

While I love the act of writing itself, I also enjoy teaching it. I offer writing workshops, one-on-one coaching and beta reading services to other writers. Have an idea for your next novel or short story, but not sure where to get started? Shoot me an email and let’s chat!

Writing Workshops

Looking for a way to put your story ideas down on paper? Struggling to get the creative juices flowing? One of the greatest challenges as a writer is simply sitting down to write.

By joining one of my workshops, you’ll learn how to shut off that pesky editing and critiquing voice, and write. I will lead you through exercises and prompts that will have you writing the story you’ve been itching to share. You’ll even discover stories you had no idea were there. Learn how to take a topic, sound, scene or word and turn it into a story people will want to read.

Writing Coaching

Want to write but just can’t seem to get around to it? Perhaps you’ve started a project and are feeling bogged down with the words, sentences and paragraphs. As your writing coach, I’ll help you organize your project, keep to a writing schedule and meet your own personal deadline. Together, we’ll discuss the many ways to start your story or novel. I’ll also give you feedback on what works and what doesn’t work, guiding you along as you take your project through the editing stages.

Beta Reader

So you’ve written a short story or novel, and now you are having second thoughts about it. We’ve all been there before. As an experienced writer and published author, I can help you through the obstacles stopping you from finishing your manuscript and getting your book on the shelves. I am available to read your manuscript – usually the first or second draft – and give you feedback so you can fix any problems before it goes to an editor.

Let’s connect to discuss your writing project.